Sports Drinks and Energy Drink’s Effects on Teeth

Nothing makes you feel more like a sports star than drinking an ice cold Gatorade! Even if you never even watch sports, a sports drink in your hand makes you feel capable. Like if someone randomly shoved a football in your hands, you could make it down the street, pass the trash cans, and into the imaginary end zone. We enjoy sports drinks so much that we take people pouring them on us as a sign of victory. When we are there, we would smile a big smile and show everyone our terrible looking teeth as they kinda cheer and kinda stare awkwardly.

Sports drinks might be a great way to stay active in sports, work, or help us when we are waking up the morning after a party, but they are not really all that good for us in general. Many people turn to sports drinks instead of soda because they believe they are better for them. Soda has a high sugar content where sports drinks generally have less. In that sense, sports drinks are better for you. What they lack in sugar, however, they make up in acidity. Many sports drinks are made from acidic fruits and can damage teeth. It is reported that some sports drinks can begin damaging teeth in as little as five days. If you do drink any sports drinks, make sure to brush your teeth regularly to get rid of the acidic effects before they start affecting you.

Even worse than sports drinks are energy drinks. Energy drinks are pretty many cans of soda on steroids. They boost up the sugar levels and to top it off, quite a few are found to have citric acid in them. Both of these facts make energy drinks dangerous to consume large quantities of, especially if you don’t brush your teeth regularly. It is best if you avoid them all together. Not only can energy drinks have negative effects on your teeth, they are not too good for your body either. They also give you a pretty serious crash after the energy wears off, leaving you feeling drained. On top of that, the more of them you drink the more immune to their effects you get, typically meaning you have to drink more of them to get the same effect that one use to give you.

While you are feeling energized and ready for anything the world can throw at you, your teeth are slowly fading away. Drinking sports drinks and energy drinks is one of the worst things you can do for your teeth next to not flossing and brushing. Combine not brushing with drinking energy and sports drinks and you are on an energy fueled collision course with tooth decay and gum disease. If you are currently using energy drinks regularly, it might be time to look at alternatives such as all natural energy sources, or ways to keep your energy stable throughout the day. There are exercises and nutrients that may not energize you but will keep your energy levels from going up and down randomly like energy drinks will. All natural is typically better for your teeth as well. Not always healthy mind you, but generally speaking they are better.

If you are noticing that the energy drinks and sports drinks are starting to take their toll on your smile, it’s not too late. With a visit to an Ormond Beach dentist, you can get your teeth cleaned and have your teeth brought back to being natural and bright. After all, healthy teeth are a team effort between you and your dentist. You do the main part of the job while the dentist helps make sure that your teeth are on the right path. They give them a deep cleaning and keep an eye out for any problems that might be developing. If you are not currently seeing a dentist, contact Dr. Drake today to get started. An appointment every six months will help keep your teeth on the straight and narrow.