“From my very first call to the practice 5 weeks ago, to being 3 weeks’ post op, I could simply write a short book about how absolutely wonderful the entire staff has been. Dr. Drake and his staff are amazing. How many times can you honestly say someone has changed your life. Dr. Drake and his staff have certainly done that for me. I went for another consult at another practice and it was awful. They used scare tactics and would not listen to me at all, not to mention the dentist and staff were incredibly rude. So, I waited another 5 years and decided to search again for another dentist. I’m beyond grateful for Dr. Drake and his staff for listening to me and caring for me the way they do. They go out of their way to make sure all of my visits are to my satisfaction each and every time. Let’s face it, going to the dentist is not something you look forward to, but I promise you, you won’t be disappointed and once you arrive and meet everyone, you will ask yourself why you waited so long. They are so warm and caring. This especially helps when you have had bad experiences in the past. Dr. Drake will do everything to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your treatment and I’m so very proud to call him my dentist and hero! I make sure to tell everyone I talk to about he and his staff. I still have a way to go with my treatment to complete it, but I can honestly say it has been life changing. Call today and make an appointment, you will not regret it!”

Tracey P. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I’m a new patient that had a completely wonderful experience! The least pain I’ve ever had from a dentist on my 2 visits and the most cooperative and sympathetic staff towards my needs. Thank you so much for your professionalism, skill and friendly demeanor.”

Harry C. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Dr. Drake, a gifted professional, has all the abilities and tools needed to deliver a 1st class dental product. Whether performing crown, implant, or cosmetic procedures, Dr. Drake is very cognizant of his patients’ comfort. Recommending Dr. Drake and his staff is a no brainer.”

Chuck D. – Ormond Beach, FL


“Carol did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. The front office is wonderful! Happy to be here. Love Dr. Drake!”

Angie S. – Ormond Beach, FL


“Thanks to Carol, my teeth look great. Everyone, including Alice, are super nice!”

Joy S. – Ormond Beach, FL


“Dr. Drake is my hero!” Once again you came to my rescue! I can’t even begin to think about what I would do without your knowledge, expertise, tender hands and big heart.”

Joy T. – Daytona Beach, FL


“I am so glad I chose Dr. Drake to do my Botox and Juvederm. I was a little nervous at first but after my initial consultation, Dr. Drake and his staff make me feel comfortable and the fear was gone. I look rested and younger. It made me feel good about myself and I am so pleased.”

Betty F. – Ormond Beach, FL


“Dr. Costello is great. We drive from Lake Mary to come here. I have a huge fear of needles but with conscious sedation the fear is gone. I don’t feel a thing – no pain!”

Lorie S. – Lake Mary, FL


“Dr. Drake, Mindy, and Oksana are angels. We didn’t expect to be together so long today, but they all took good care of me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Terry G. – Daytona Beach, FL


“My son is autistic. They were fantastic with him. He had been to other dentists that had no patience with his disability. Dr. Drake and staff were fantastic! Excellent dentist especially for special needs patients.”

Carol B. – Ormond Beach, FL


“You all have a very nice and courteous office staff and Drs. of course. Thank you all.”

Glenda M. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Dr. Drake and his staff are the best I’ve ever experienced. I’ve gone through years of dental treatments and lots of anxiety and this is the first office where I don’t feel nervous every time I walk in!”

Gabby R. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Great work by everybody! Really appreciated the doctors and staff.”

Vaclovas D. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I love the work you did on my mouth and smile. It feels great. Thank you Dr. Drake.”

JK. – Daytona Beach, FL


My dental visit was awesome!

Andrea P. – Orlando, FL


“Love the Drake and crew!”

TB. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I am so proud of my new teeth, and the service and personal attention that has been given to me. My looks have changed, and my mood too because of all the wonderful complements on my teeth. I have made a new friend in my dentist Dr. Drake and his assistants. Thank you for a beautiful smile and job!”

Julia H. – Daytona Beach, FL


“After fretting and worrying and being self conscience, I now have a complete smile. I am so happy and pleased that I smile all the time. Everyone tells me I haven’t changed in 20 years. I just enjoy my great smile, good eating and a great quality of life. Many thanks to Dr. Drake and all the fine professionals at Drs. Costello and Drake.”

Herb S. – Ormond By the Sea, FL


“I have had the most pleasant visit to a dentist in over forty years – and the “girls” in the office are excellent and caring.”

Eugene S. – Ormond Beach, FL


“Dr. Drake and Mindy rock! Everybody is so personable. I’m no longer afraid of the dentist. You have a patient for Life!”

Erica S. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Everyone is pleasant, friendly and treats patients as if you were family. The work is top notch. I would recommend anyone to come here!”

Joan V. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Dr. Costello is the best dentist I have ever been to in all my travels…sweet, kind, and professional. The staff is excellent!”

Lisa P. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I would like to complement Dr. Drake and his staff for providing the most pleasant experience you could expect to have in a dentist office. Dr. Drake and the staff were compassionate and efficient. They expressed interest in my comfort and offered alternative treatments that suited my needs. Also the general atmosphere of the office made my experience less stressful. I highly recommend this office for those who have anxiety about going to the dentist or anyone who needs general or specialized dental care.”

Pat D. – Daytona Beach, FL


“My experience with Dr. Drake was great. I am a coward with dentists, but Dr. Drake made me feel at ease and did a wonderful job. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Dolores R. – Daytona Beach, FL


“I told a friend I had a dental appointment today and she said she hadn’t been in ages. Told her that I go twice a year faithfully, probably because my dentist and staff are so wonderful. Thanks Dr. Costello and everyone at AtlanticDentists for making good oral health a way of life for me!”

Tammaye M. – Ormond Beach, FL


“Thoroughly impressed by everyone from the desk staff to Minday and Dr. Drake. Wow!”

David P. – Orlando, FL


“Best experience that I have had with a dentist in years! No pain, all gain.”

James S. – Ormond By the Sea, FL


“I appreciate your hygienist’s thoroughness and credit her with helping me to have an earlier diagnosis/treatment than I would otherwise. Thank you!”

Dale D. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I don’t think that there are words that could express my appreciation to Dr. Drake. Coming to your office has been life changing. I feel amazing about my self, my confidentce is at a new high. When I talk to people now I feel like there looking at me and not my bad teeth. With my new found confidence I believe the sky is the limit for me and I have you and your staff to thank for that. Again coming here has been life changing and I could never thank you enough!”

Saundra G. – Ormond Beach, FL


“Dr. Drake, I love my chin and jaw now – you are an artist!”

Kay M. – Palm Coast, FL


“Dr. Drake, I absolutely love my beautiful new crown! I must have my other teeth bleached so all my teeth look as good as the crown! Thanks so much for your great work..Love your team, everyone is so great!!”

Marianne D. – Ormond Beach, FL


“The people here are not only professional, but caring and personable. This makes my visit so enjoyable. Thank you for being the greatest dentistry team ever!”

Ramona C. – Daytona Beach, FL


“I have been through 20 years of torment, dentist to dentist. Terrified to go in to another. Here they helped me accomplish my beautiful smile and confidence. Plus I’m not as scared to come in…thanks so much to everyone!”

Jennifer W. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Dr. Costello, seriously, you are the best!”

Marianne D. – Ormond Beach, FL


“Thank you for your patience and a pain free experience!”

Phyllis A. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I’ve been a patient for 14 years and highly recommend Dr. Costello and the entire staff for dental treatment.”

Dave G. – Daytona Beach, FL


“I would like to say that in all my life I have never received care like I have with Dr. Costello. I have had dentists in the past that were uncaring, insensitive, and so quick to get me out of the chair and get the money in their pockets, that they failed to do their job right causing more pain and fear of dental care. Dr. Costello and ALL his staff bring true meaning to the name ‘TOOTH FAIRY’. Thank you to everyone.”

Amanda P. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I am highly impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge of both Dr. Costello and his staff. I absolutely love my new smile! When I came in to see Dr. Costello, I did not know how he could better my smile. Well, now I know! With attention to detail, Dr. Costello gave me the perfect smile. I cannot wait to flash my pearly whites for the world at Miss USA 2010. Thank you Dr. Costello and staff!!

Megan Clementi – Miss Florida USA 2010 – Orlando, FL


“No words can express my gratitude. Dr. Drake: you and Mindy have made my holidays memorable. Thank you so much for repairing my implant bridge without major surgery. I have nothing but high regard for the entire staff and all you wonderful Doctors. I have been a patient of Dr. Kraski for over 50 years. He and I are semi-retired. Can’t think of a greater replacement than Dr. Drake.”

Veronica B. – Ormond Beach


“I had a great experience. Dr. Drake is a good and informational dentist. I will be back to see him and I am very happy I came here.”

Tom Y. – Sanford, FL


“Dr. Costello filled a cavity for me almost 2 years ago and saved me from having to get a root canal. When I was away and visited another dentist last year the doctor insisted on knowing the name of the dentist who filled that particular cavity because he was so impressed with Dr. Costello’s work.”

Monica M. – Ormond Beach, FL


“Thank you Dr. Drake, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have a smile, I appreciate your willingness to work with me. To me this experience was life-changing. I can finally smile again.”

John P. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Dr. Costello is a great person. He made me a beautiful set of dentures (really a work of art). I get hosts of compliments from fellow church members, friends, family, etc. I have highly recommended his services to several people. He is a warm, caring person. Has a great personality. I was apprehensive the 1st day I came into his office as the last dentist I had a bad experience. He was reassuring that every thing would be ok. May God richly bless him and his family.”

Millie D. – Daytona Beach, FL

“I never realized how much my life would change because these beautiful teeth make me so much happier and confident.”
Rose T. – Daytona Beach Shores, FL

“I feel like I have had this bite all my life even though they are in my mouth less than one week! I think my upper theeth are magnificent and so does my very very fussy husband! Thank you Dr. C!”

Jane G. – Ormond Beach, FL


“An emergency really became a pleasant experience in the hands of Drs. Drake and Kraski and their wonderful assistants, Mindy and Melinda.”

Alba B. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Dr. Drake is awesome. I’m not a very good dental patient and he really helped ease my fears of the dentist. I would return to him and recommend people to come to him.”

Sal M. – Daytona Beach, FL


“I wish I had found this office 15 years ago when I first moved to this area. Very good personnel throughout the entire office.”

Roger S. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I would like to say that I enjoyed my first appointment at Dr. Costello’s dental office. I knew when I called in November 2009 and spoke with Alice, that this was going to be my new dentist, as I was new to the area. I spoke with Dale in January and made the appointment and she was very nice to me too. I finally got to meet Dr. Costello and really like his attitude and friendly personality. Mindy was very sweet and calming to me and listed to me and my crazy stories! Jane was my hygienist and was wonderful at her job. I felt right at home with her expertise. All my questions were answered and I’ll be back. God bless you all!”

Linda G. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I love every here. They make me feel very special. Kathy does a great job of cleaning. I love my teeth. Thanks Dr. Costello!”

Grace P. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Yeah, Dr. Drake!”

Ruth H. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Thank you for taking care of our smiles for over three generations. Gratefully”

The Raymond, Jones, – and Haigh families.


“Dr. Drake, your understanding about your patient (me), who was very worried about potentially experiencing pain was remarkable. I’ve been to the best there is over the years having had alot of work done and you are as good now as the best of them. I can only hope that your other patients appreciate you as much as I do. You are going to have a very successful practice and your partners are very lucky to have you! Thank you so much, and by the way, your staff rocks!”

Sally D. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Dr. Costello and Melinda: You two took such great care of my employee! She looks wonderful and also is so happy she went to your office!”

Karrie H. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Alice at the frontdesk was so nice! Actually so was everyone!”

Billie S. – Ormond Beach, FL


“Dr. Drake and Oksana Rock! Thank You!”

Jude R. – Ormond Beach, FL


“What a difference having a bridge put in has made in my life. I can now smile with a full smile instead of trying to hide my crooked teeth. Everyone notices how I smile more. Thank you Dr. Costello and your wonderful caring team.”

Elizabeth B. – Daytona Beach, FL


“Doctors Drake and Costello did a wonderful job on my teeth. I can’t thank them enough. Now I have to learn how to smile again. After years of walking around with my mouth closed, not wanting anyone to see my teeth because they were crooked and yellow, they are now straight and white. Thank you again everyone is so nice.”

Rick K. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I just adore the staff here. I always feel super comfortable and welcomed! I never have to wait and the knowledge that is evident by all employees is obvious.”

Diane – Daytona Beach, FL


“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that you have made a tremendous impact on Jessica’s life. When she returned to work she could not contain her happiness. You gave her a sensational smile and she was showing it off to everyone. I just can’t thank you enough. On behalf of our staff and everyone who comes together to make these miracles happen…God bless you for what you have done..”

Raul – Director of Operations – Ormond Beach, FL


“I had a crown done recently and I was very nervous. The staff was so comforting and professional. They were so gentle and it was the best experience of getting a crown I ever had.”

Mary – Ormond Beach, FL


“I am so happy I had the opportunity to visit and be treated by Dr. Costello. I had broken a large bridge and he saw me immediately. Dr. Costello and his staff were pleasant, professional, and very experienced in dealing with my situation and concerns. I now have a beautiful new bridge and am very pleased. Thank you Dr. Costello, and all of your staff for the great treatment.”

Beverly W. – Ormond Beach, FL


“I am a person who is afraid of dentists and the pain that comes form dental work! I took the chance of going to Dr. Drake after 18 years. His demeanor and his staff put me at ease immediately and after an evaluation an appointement was made for much needed work. The day of truth arrived, under IV sedation the work was performed without a single problem in a couple hours. (I even went to dinner that night!) The experience was so pleasant that I look forward to having those ugly old silver filings replaced soon with some nice white ones.”

Karelle – Daytona Beach, FL


“Marvelous, Marvelous, Marvelous!!!”

Drusille – Ormond Beach, FL