The Myths & Misconceptions About Dental Sealants

It can be difficult to protect teeth from cavities, staining, and decay for both children and adults. Even with the mass emergence of fluoride and everyday dental checkups, these dental issues still occur. Dental caries are the most important to look for and deal with early on. They start to form in and on the teeth regardless of how the patient practices proper oral hygiene.

That being said, dental sealants are what we recommend to our patients as a way to deal with these problems. Dental sealants are a preventive treatment that keep the teeth protected from cavities and future damage. Sealants are applied on the top surfaces of the teeth where decay starts to form.  This proactive approach helps patients enjoy longer lasting and healthier smiles for long years to come.

Myths about dental sealants

What are Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant is a thin plastic resin coating that is placed on the teeth, making them resistant to decay. They do not cover the entire tooth but a sealed tooth is far less likely to develop a cavity.  They can drastically reduce the chances of more expensive dental treatment later on in life and prevent dental pain.

Common Misconceptions About Dental Sealants

Despite the many benefits they offer, many adults choose to delay their chances of getting dental sealants. These hesitations could be due to several misconceptions surrounding the treatment and process of applying them. We believe that both adults and children should have a safeguard for their overall oral health against the harmful impacts of cavities. Our overall goal in this article is to help correct the myths associated with dental sealants and to help encourage others to consider this incredibly beneficial treatment.

Myth 1 – The procedure is painful

For most dental procedures, patients avoid or simply refuse to get something done because they think it might hurt. When it comes to applying dental sealants, the coatings and process are actually very gentle, simple, and noninvasive.

Myth 2 – Sealants are a costly investment

Patients often ask if they can afford dental sealants. The answer is yes! Sealants are considered one of the most affordable teeth protectors available. This barrier helps to drastically prevent long term damage and the impact of decay. Additionally, when comparing the advantages, treating unprotected and damaged teeth becomes much more costly.

Myth 3– Dental Sealants are only useful to children

Everyone is encouraged to get treatment. The procedure helps with preventing damage and cavities. In terms of longevity of teeth, the sooner the better!

Myth 4 – Sealants make your teeth look strange

Potential patients sometimes ask if their smiles will looks strange or funny. They assume the coating will make their teeth look a bit “off”. Dental sealants are entirely invisible and bond quickly over the teeth.  The overall look of your smile will be completely preserved!