Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Same day crowns

Same-Day Crowns

Having your tooth treated, restored, and protected in one day is the obvious benefit to same-day dental crowns. However,  there are additional advantages.

Promoting comfort

Due to its in-house nature, our technology gives Dr. Dan Drake the ability to design a crown that fits comfortably in a short period of time. During the process he is also able to take digital impressions for potential future use.

Preventing injury

If possible, avoiding a temporary crown is highly important! Temporary crowns are usually more susceptible to coming loose and causing injuries.

Restoring function

Its important to have your teeth restored as soon as possible! Broken, chipped, and damaged teeth affect your speech patterns, eating habits, and appearance. With same-day crowns your pain, eating, and speech are almost immediately restored. You wont have to deal with a weak, unreliable temporary crown that might chip or need to be replaced.

It saves money & time

Traditional crowns almost cost about the same as a same day crown. However, patients save money by not needing to pay for additional appointments and a temporary crown. Additionally, same day crown appointments only take 2-3 hours allowing you to get back to what’s important.

The Drawbacks of Same-Day Crowns

There are only a few disadvantages of same day crowns vs traditional crowns.  Same day crowns tend to not be as durable and are more prone to wear and tear. These crowns are made of ceramic, which is less durable as metal or porcelain.

The other drawback to same day crowns is that they are the right fit for all patients. Your dentist may have issues using the imaging camera to get a good map of your tooth, if it is fractured under the gum line.

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We offer same day crowns!  In one appointment, usually 2-3 hrs, we will fix your tooth and cement a beautiful and permanent all porcelain crown.  We have the most sophisticated technology on the market and have mastered the art of same day porcelain crowns.  If you need a crown but have limited time or just want to minimize dental visits, schedule an appointment now!  Call us at 386-673-1611.