Tips on How to Improve Gum Health

Gum Line health

Your gums are just as important to keep healthy as your teeth. The gum line tissue supports and holds your teeth. It also protects the body from bacteria and infections. Unfortunately, gum disease is extremely common due to poor oral health. It is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Additionally, if your gums are unhealthy then your whole body can become more vulnerable to diseases. Healthy gums mean you’re less likely to suffer from conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and more. Keep reading if you need some tips on how to improve your gum line health.

1: Floss Every Day

Brushing your teeth twice a day certainly help prevent damage to your smile but it’s unable to get the hard to reach places. The areas where food particles like to hide. Only flossing can help and studies show that flossing reduces your risk for gum disease and tooth decay. If you are experience a bit of bleeding or swelling after you start flossing, that’s very normal. However, if you continually see have bleeding gums, you are probably in the very early stages of gum disease and should see your dentist.

2: Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride helps prevent cavities and keeps your gums healthy. The best toothpaste for oral health will always contain this substance. It’s very easy to find at local stores and the ingredients should always be located directly on the back of the product. Keep in mind, there are varying levels of fluoride for different smiles and a good toothpaste should also have the ADA seal in the corner.

3: Brush Your Gums Gently

Make sure to brush below and above the gunline. You’ll want to use a soft bristled toothbrush and move in a small circular motion. Be careful not to brush too hard. Gums can be very sensitive. Brushing too hard can actually cause your gums to weaken and recede.

4: No Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. This also applies to your oral health. Smokers are more likely to get gum disease. Smoking weakens the immune system and causes issues with healing from gum infections and other oral damage.

5: Visit Your Dentist

Take a look at your gumline in the mirror. This should help you understand the status of your overall health. If you see something that looks off, chances are you need to see Dr. Drake DDS and Associates. Through routine exams and cleaning, we can help prevent or treat and form of gum disease, while providing advice on how to best care for your teeth and gums.