Time to Replace Your Toothbrush

When shopping for a tooth brush one thing you may notice is that they have a very wide variety to choose from. From a Superman themed children’s toothbrush to the plain and simple affordable adult toothbrush. Which one is the best though? Will the three dollar simple one do the trick, or should you get the padded handle with the bent flexible neck? Can I go with the toothbrush that has Spongebob on the handle and get the same effect? The answer is a lot more simple than it may seem. Many times when it comes to hygiene there are doctor or dentist approved brands and products.

What Type of Toothbrush is Best?

When it comes to a toothbrush though, most dental professionals will suggest going with a soft-bristled tooth brush. They are typically better at removing plaque. A small headed toothbrush can also help you get into hard-to-reach parts of the mouth. As for the shape and features of the handle or what cartoon character you decide you want on it, it is all up to preference. A full cushioned and flexible handle may make it a little easier or comfortable to brush with, but it will not clean better than a plain and simple tooth brush.

What About Electric Toothbrushes?

Another option of toothbrush is electronic toothbrushes. These are battery powered toothbrushes with either rechargeable batteries or interchangeable batteries. The bristles on a electric toothbrush typically move in some way. This can help achieve a deeper clean or help those with physical limitations. Someone suffering from a condition such as arthritis can get the same results as a normal toothbrush without straining the elbow or wrist.

When is it Time to Replace a Toothbrush?

The recommended usage of a toothbrush is every three months, or when it has become worn. Whichever one occurs first. This makes sure that the toothbrush you are using is clean and effective for your dental hygiene needs. It is also ideal to replace your toothbrush after any illness. Especially one such as the cold or flu. Germs can get on your toothbrush and lead to reinfection.

Following this tips and brushing regularly will help keep your mouth healthy and strong. You should also remember to floss after brushing and schedule a check-up once or twice a year depending on how well your teeth are feeling. Call Atlantic Dentists today to schedule your next checkup or to learn more about good dental hygiene.