Replacing Missing Teeth – Dental Implants

There are many procedures in dentistry which may or may not be known to everyone. Such procedures which many might not be aware of are in fact very significant and of vital importance to those who suffer from tooth disorders of any kind. Dentistry is an extremely wide field, and it deals in numerous restorative procedures which allow for solutions to a wide array of dental problems.

One contemporary procedure that solves the issue of missing teeth is dental implants, which involves an easy and painless procedure. You don’t need to be a dentist to understand the need, benefits or importance of dental implants. It is a simple fact that dental implants replace those missing teeth which cannot be restored otherwise.

You can have this treatment done at Atlantic Dentists in Ormond Beach. The procedure of dental implantation involves the placement of an artificial root in place of the missing natural root. After some healing time, a crown is placed and the artificial tooth looks and feels the same as before.

Nevertheless, there is an alternative choice for people who have suffered the loss of teeth; and that is dentures. Dentures are a common replacement for an impaired or dysfunctional series of teeth. Dentures may be an option for people who have suffered the loss of teeth due to tooth decay or other unfortunate events.

In case of only limited missing teeth, one can also opt for partial dentures. However, it must be noted that dentures, though inexpensive and commonly available, can prove to be hard to maintain.